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How far can you skate? Take control of a purple bunny, avoid obstacles, and collect carrots! Bunny Skate features over 50 unique collectible hats , including three ultra-powerful legendary hats. Bunny Skate is now available to download on the App Store and Google Play!

My Responsibilities

  • Importing all art assets from Maya to Unity
  • Building and implementing all of the levels
  • Setting up Trello and Google Drive to keep the team organized
  • Creating 2d colliders for the models
  • Hooking up the in-game hat store
  • Creating & implementing UI art
  • Assigning weekly tasks to other team members
  • Creating promotional materials (trailers, flyers)
  • Managing Twitter account & recruiting playtesters

I worked closely with the programming team to learn how to use their systems for level generation, currency, and powerups. I set up a workflow with our art team by creating a team Google Drive folder which they uploaded their model/textures to. I then imported the assets into Unity and ensured the scale and colliders were correct. This allowed the artists to spend more time creating assets and enabled me to be sure that all models used for level-building were properly imported and consistent with one another.

Level Design

Each level is a prefab contained in a pool. When the player finishes a level it is disabled and another level is randomly chosen and enabled from the prefab pool. At farther distances the level generator pulls from different pools containing harder levels.

I designed each level around a theme using the art assets at my disposal (i.e. created by teammates or myself). One level is filled with snowman, others are full of fallen trees, pointy mountains, balancing rocks, or rows of fences. Giving each level its own theme ensured that they all feel unique and interesting to the players.

This is a top-down view of a level chunk; the righthand image shows how the 2d colliders are placed around the 3d art assets. Our lead programmer determined that 2d square and circle colliders were most efficient, so I modified the shape of many environment props to make them more squared or rounded.

Skating through snow piles slows down the bunny; the player dies if they stop moving completely. This results in a fun, unexpected twist on gameplay in later levels when the player’s max speed has increased and the size of snow piles increases. The player must utilize snow piles in order to maintain a steady speed.

We could have done a much better job introducing large snow piles to players in our initial release. We monitored the global leaderboard and noticed that the vast majority of players hit a wall and had scores of around 2,500. We had set up the level generation to spawn the first big snow piles when the player reaches 2,500. The players were unprepared for the large snow piles and were not traveling extremely fast. Most players skated headlong into big snow piles, slowed down to the point of death, and were then confused because they died but didn’t crash into anything. We intend to fix this roadblock in our next content update by introducing medium-sized snow piles at 2,500 and large-sized at 5,000, instead of the sudden jump from small to large-sized at 2,500.

3d Art

I created a handful of the 3d models in Bunny Skate: the bunny, the takeout box hat, the grass, icicles, and all the bones in the cave levels. I also tweaked many of the environment models created by the art team so that they would fit inside of square or circle 2dColliders.

UI Progression:




Update 1.1

Update 1.5

Our UI went through many iterations before it felt right. We wanted Bunny Skate to be universally intuitive so we emphasized iconography and numbers rather than text. We started off displaying just your total amount of carrots. Later, we added in lives and checkpoints and displayed those next to the carrot counter. In the end we decided that these elements looked best when they are all the same size and color. I used TextMeshPro to give our font a gradient and outline.

Update 1.5 ushered in Bunny Skate 2 featuring hat quests. Every hat has a unique quest which rewards a ribbon; players unlock powerful legendary hats after collecting certain amounts of ribbons. The above screenshot is taken with the hat store open. Carrots and extra lives are shown during gameplay while ribbons and quest progress are shown in the store interface.


Software Skills