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Going Postal

Going Postal is an endless adventure that challenges players to drive a mail truck as far as they can without crashing. Avoid obstacles at all costs by navigating into both traffic lanes and onto the sidewalks

My Contributions

I modeled and textured all of the objects in the environment, with the exception of the buildings and pointy trees. I designed and implemented each level as prefabs containing the environment and obstacles. A new random level prefab is instantiated ahead of the player whenever they reach the halfway point of their current level. Our team focused on creating a simple game that is highly polished. We were forced to cut several features, such as power-ups and a global leader board, because we did not have time to polish them. In the end I am extremely happy with the final product, all of us learned a lot over the six weeks of production.

We were extremely happy to be awarded 3rd place at the 2016 Capital City Film Festival held in Lansing, MI!

Software Skills