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Sage Miller

game design

Bunny Skate 2

Fall 2017 – Present, 2-person independent project

Primary Role: Producer, Game Design

Secondary Role: 2D/3D Art, Audio Design


How Far Can You Skate?

Bunny Skate is an “endless slider” designed for iOS and Android mobile devices. Collect over 85 unique hats, each with it’s own quest. Check out the Bunny Skate Wiki to learn about the huge new update!

Dream Racer

Summer 2016 – Summer 2017Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab

Primary Role: Level Design

Secondary Role: Game Design, Audio Design


Stealth Learning

Dream Racer is a mobile racing game designed to subtly teach teenagers good financial habits.

Touching the Virtual

Fall 2017, 1-person project, iVerse Lab

Primary Role: Gameplay & Systems Programming


VR Research Study!

Touching the Virtual is a research study designed for the HTC Vive. This study intends to examine participant’s approach and avoidance behaviors while they interact with virtual objects of varying levels of negativity, positivity, and arousal.

Gameplay video and more information now available!

Match One

Summer 2017, 2-person independent project

Primary Role:  Producer, Game Design

Secondary Role: Art Lead


Find the Match!

Match One is a fast-paced matching game designed for iOS and Android mobile devices. Play by yourself or against a friend to try and find as many matches as possible before time runs out!

Going Postal

Spring 2016, 5-person group project

Primary Role: Producer, Level Design

Secondary Role: Environment Art, Audio


Mailman Mayhem

Going Postal is a lane-based endless runner. Take control of a mail truck and drive as far as you can!

Third place winner of 2016 Capital City Film Festival

Spell Swipe

Spring 2017, 9-person group project

Primary Role: Producer

Secondary Role: Game Design, Technical Design


The Army of Darkness Approaches!

Swipe spells to destroy enemies! Cast powerful combos by hitting multiple enemies with a single swipe.

This game was created for my Game Design capstone class, we had the pleasure of being mentored by several members from Deep Silver Volition!


Software Skills